Math: Lesson 48 (division by 10 and by 1 – 3 ways to write division)
AWANA: T&T 2.4
IEW: Bible Heroes lesson 9 (Story Sequence Chart, part 1)
Encyclopedia: Gadolinium (element)
Handwriting: Freeze Tag game (review practice)
Science: Apologia Astronomy “Moon” continued
CC Memory Work: reviewed Week 6


Sarah teaches three fish at home. She volunteers as Webmaster and Homeschool Parent Support to her area co-op, Seeds of Faith. She has three years experience tutoring Foundations at Classical Conversations, one year at Essentials tutor, and this year is tutoring Challenge 2. While Sarah is busy playing with Latin, Math, and other fun subjects with her offspring, the laundry is piling higher and higher...

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